History of CFS with Kevin Cawley (video)

Confident Financial Solutions has been building ourselves into the company we are today based on the simple motivation of being there for people when they need it most. Our Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Cawley, co-founded the company with Chase Fraser back in 2012.

When Kevin and Chase started CFS, there were about 5 rock-star employees running the whole show on West Pearl Street in Boulder, CO. Now after 4-5 years of being a prime auto repair finance option for customers all over the U.S., Confident Financial Solutions has over 50 employees being led by experienced automotive entrepreneurs that have provided over $35M in loans to our customers!

In the video below, Kevin explains the details of how CFS got started and what ideas drove us forward and continue to inspire us today:

Our hats are WAY off to Kevin and Chase for having the passion and drive to take an idea and build something great!

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