CFS Reveals its Latest Step Toward Simplicity: Plaid

  1. Find the loan you need – the entire online process from start to finish – before the coffee’s done brewing.
  2. Get your car repaired at a trusted shop so you can get on with your life.
  3. And now, set up automatic (recurring) payments, so you don’t need to think about it.

We know you have enough to do. So we searched around for ways to help make payments easier for you and found Plaid, our new partner.

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Confident Financial Solutions & Axiom®

Confident Financial Solutions and Axiom® Team Up to Help Protect Drivers from the Unexpected Costs of Future Car Repairs

CFS will begin offering consumers the ability to purchase and finance protection for their vehicle entirely online.

Boulder, CO: Confident Financial Solutions (CFS), is a consumer finance company that finances  automotive repairs, has partnered with Axiom Product Administration (Axiom), an automotive finance and insurance (F&I) product company to help protect motorists from the stress and unexpected costs of future car repairs. CFS will begin offering Vehicle Protection and Roadside Assistance Plans administered by Axiom, on their easy-to-use, online loan financing platform.

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