CFS Reveals its Latest Step Toward Simplicity: Plaid

  1. Get the loan you need – the entire online process from start to finish – before the coffee’s done brewing.
  2. Have your car repaired at a trusted shop, so you can get on with things.
  3. And now, set up automatic (recurring) payments, so you don’t need to think about it.

We know you have enough to do. So we searched around for ways to help make payments easier for you and found Plaid, our new partner.

It didn’t take a lot. Plaid is an industry leader in authentication and an easy and safe way for you to make recurrent payments automatically. No one likes to hunt for a checkbook in the junk drawer or try to figure out where the string of numbers that is the bank routing number begins and ends. Select to set up recurring payments from the CFS site; sign into your bank account with Plaid, and voila, you’re set up for monthly payments. It’s free. It’s simple, and you don’t need to remember to make a payment each month because it is made for you automatically.

There’s more. Customers who sign up for recurring bank payments are automatically enrolled in our rewards program which selects random customers to receive a free monthly payment or a cash gift. You could be the next winner:

  • Every month, we pay one customer’s CFS bill up to $75.
  • Every quarter, we give one customer $250 to spend, as he or she likes.

Peace of mind; never miss a payment. We’re still thinking about ways we can help make life easier for you.


Terms & Conditions apply.

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